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Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins

Looking for a classy way to show off your business, a cause you are passionate about or show support of or your kid’s athletic team?  Create a customized lapel pin!

Lapel pins have been worn throughout history by national leaders and organizations to commemorate achievements or show loyalty to an organization. Lapel pins continue in popularity for a variety of usages including to show support for a cause related organization, an employee years of service milestone or anniversary, a child’s sports team, trading pins, fraternities, sororities, graduation, organizational membership, schools, reunions and so much more!

At PinMaxx our designers are extremely talented and can custom design a variety of pins including Soft Enamel, Cloisonné, Die Struck, Offset Printed, Trading Pins, Years of Service Pins and Awareness Ribbon Pins.

Many clients opt for the Soft Enamel Lapel Pin thanks to their durability and cost effectiveness. If you are looking for a pin that can have a three-dimensional appearance or has an iron or brass look to it, a Soft Enamel Pin would be the choice. If you are looking for a pin that has an antique plating or has an aged look to it, the Soft Enamel Pin will provide this.

Many people ask what’s the difference between a Hard enamel and Soft Enamel Lapel Pin? Click here to read more.

Many business owners or cause related organizations order lapel pins to commemorate special events, as well as to acknowledge work anniversaries or milestones in an employee’s career. A cloisonné pin is one that looks higher in quality and has a “jewelry-like” appearance and is referred to as a “hard enamel lapel pin”. This type of pin has a smooth, shiny finish, goes through a polishing process and is baked at an extremely high temperature during our production process. When you need a lapel pin that requires contrasting or separate colors, or has an intricate design or involved logo, the Cloisonné pin is the optimal choice.

Learn more about the differences between a Cloisonné pin and one made from Soft Enamel.

Our designers have the talent to custom design pins for any occasion. We regularly receive orders for brass, copper and iron metal lapel pins. This type of pin is referred to as a Die Struck lapel pin. It is an extremely versatile pin and used for work anniversaries, career milestones and special recognition. When you are on a budget and don’t need colored enamels or printed images on your lapel pin, the Die Struck pin is the best choice! This type of pin is more affordable than the Cloisonné or the Offset Printed lapel pin.

Is the Die Struck lapel pin considered a metal pin? Read on to find out…

Looking for a pin that allows maximum flexibility? Our Offset Printed lapel pin does just that. Your design will not get distorted while giving you the opportunity to copy an actual image or picture onto a custom pin. The Offset Printed pin allows you to capture fine text and unlimited colors too! This type of pin is typically made from high-resolution digital artwork. Once completed , the Offset Printed lapel pin is finished off with a clear epoxy coating to protect the printed image and gives the pin a smooth feel. If you have a pin design that is incredibly detailed, we highly recommend the Offset Printed pin.  Learn more about this pin!

Looking for other ways to commemorate a special event, team or cause? At PinMaxx our designers can also custom design trading pins, years of service pins and awareness ribbon pins.

On our trading pins, we can feature tournament logos and graphics for baseball trading pins, football, lacrosse, softball, hockey, basketball and pretty much any sports team that wants a sports trading pin.

For years companies have ordered their custom Years of Service Pins from PinMaxx. Retirement, work anniversaries or career milestones can all be celebrated with a lapel pin. Lapel pins are extremely popular in times of employee recognition. Our lapel pins can serve as special keepsakes for your valued employees.

Another type of pin that many people don’t realize can be an actual pin is an Awareness Ribbon. Raising and celebrating awareness for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, domestic violence, and substance abuse can all be celebrated with a custom awareness ribbon lapel pin. Their pattern and coloring can be unique for each different cause. Our awareness ribbon pins can be worn as a hat pin, on a bag or purse strap or on a jacket lapel. We produce a variety of awareness ribbon pins every year. Click here to learn more.

What is the process for designing a custom lapel pin?

The design process for lapel pins begins, simply, with an idea. This idea can be a written description, sketch, artwork file, or verbal description. After the idea is communicated to one of our customer service representatives, our team of talented graphic designers will turn your vision into a digital sample for you to review. Once you are 100% satisfied with the design and provide payment for your purchase, we send it to our production team where a mold is made of your design. From here, we use that mold to stamp out the metal of the lapel pin.

We assist you throughout the design process and continuously update you. Should you have any questions throughout the process we are just a phone call or email away!

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Custom soft enamel pins have consistently been the most popular pin type for more than a decade. They allow for a great deal of flexibility in design and the bold featuring of numerous colors. We include the first 7 paint colors at no charge!


Cloisonne pins get their distinct lustrous appearance from the multistep handpolishing process. They are an excellent choice for any design that has clearly separated colors and can be enhanced with silkscreened colors on their surface when even smaller details need to be captured.


Custom die struck pins are timeless. How colors are used in designs varies every couple of years. Bright bold colors are popular one year and then muted paler colors come into favor. A custom die struck pin always looks good.


Custom Offset Printed Lapel Pins mean unlimited colors, photo realism, and gradients can be incorporated into the design! Often just called “printed pins”, this pin type is good for getting a ton of detail into a small space. The offset printed pin type is perfect for capturing the most detailed drop shadows, gradients and fine text.


girls softball trading pin

With over 10 years of helping little league baseball and softball teams across the nation design custom trading pins, let our team of talented designers create a one-of-a-kind trading pin that is sure to impress all the teams at your next travel tournament.


Giving someone a years of service pin is a great way to show your appreciation for their dedicated service and is typically used to indicate some kind of milestone.


Awareness ribbons are meant to show public support or raise understanding of a cause. There are over twenty different awareness ribbons that come in many colors. The purpose behind an awareness ribbon depends on its pattern and coloring. 

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