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Welcome to PinMaxx where we are all about family values! We are a close-knit, family owned and operated business with our headquarters located in Oviedo, Florida. We always treat our clients how we would like to be treated, with respect and kindness. These are the values you will witness firsthand during the design, production, and delivery of your lapel pins while working with us!

Custom Lapel Pins

The PinMaxx team has over ten years of experience designing and producing custom lapel pins. We truly enjoy working with each and every client to help them create the perfect and unique lapel pin. Whether you are in need of guidance on the best pin type or would like help selecting just the right colors for your design, we are here to help every step of the way! Our skilled team of graphic artists are on standby ready to begin designing your one-of a-kind lapel pin! Communicating with us is easy, just call, text, or email us and we will respond with the information to get you started.

In addition to making custom lapel pins our talented team of designers also make custom lanyards and challenge coins.

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Lanyards Designed For Tradeshows, ID Badges

Heading to a trade show and need lanyards to giveaway at your booth? Maybe you are organizing a trade show and need vendor lanyards. Our designers can custom design lanyards with your company name or logo and any color you would like. We design lanyards for ID holders, cell phones, wrists, retractable lanyards and any type of lanyard worn around the neck. Thanks to our competitive pricing, many schools and organizations have ordered hundreds of ID holder lanyards from us over the years.


Challenge Coins

As family is important to us here at PinMaxx we have many employers who feel the same way about their employees. Those employers call on us when they have a need to celebrate employee milestones. In addition to lapel pins and lanyards, we also make commemorative challenge coins for work related milestones or achievements. Retirement celebrations, work anniversaries and career milestones are popular orders we fulfill with challenge coins.

Challenge Coins Pinmaxx


How long does it take for a pin to be made from concept to shipping?

It takes approximately 10 days.

Can I order just the back of the lapel pin or just the butterfly clutch?

No, we do not sell the backing options separately.

Can I choose the type of backing used on my lapel pin?

Yes, we have a few options to choose from. Please see the "attachment" section on our free quote page for pictures and pricing for each.

Do you use a different size pin points with your lapel pins?

We do offer different length posts as we sometimes have customers needing longer posts to get through a thick wool jacket. We do not have different diameter posts.

What types of secure backing do you offer for a lapel pin?

We have locking clutch options and a safety pin option that would be considered secure options.

How do you wear a lapel pin without ruining your clothes?

Magnetic backing would be the best option if you are concerned about putting a hole in your garment.

Can my lapel pin be turned into a button?

No, unfortunately we cannot turn a lapel pin into a button as they are two different products and we do not currently produce buttons.

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