Posted Jan 28, 2023

Sports Trading Pins

Looking for Sports Trading Pins?

PinMaxx is your source!

Our team of talented designers can create memorable trading pins for all sports including baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, softball, and any other sport you have an interest in!
Collectable sports trading pins are very popular particularly with youth organizations. We help sports teams across the globe when they need large quantities of trading pins for their league. Our designers can create any type of sports pin complete with color, logo and text. We have experience in creating affordable trading pins for sports leagues, tournaments, championship games, individual teams, school sports including elementary, middle and high school teams.

Tournament lapel trading pins are extremely popular not only for youth organizations but for parents alike. Wearing a sports lapel pin not only shows support for your team but also helps with brand recognition.

high school sports trading pin
What if I want to show support for multiple sports teams on game day, is it a social faux pas if you wear more than one sports trading pin at the same time?

No! It’s definitely not a faux pas to wear more than one sports pin at the same time. You do however, want to wear them correctly. There is proper etiquette when wearing multiple pins. One of the most important points is to make sure all of your pins are straight and not upside down or sideways. Next point to consider is which side of your body should multiple sports pins be placed. If you a wearing a jacket, thick sweater, or a thin shirt or even a collard shirt there is proper etiquette with sports trading pin placement too. Click here to learn more about how to wear multiple sports trading pins at the same time.

What if I don’t have a design in mind for my sports trading pin?

No design? No problem!

Our designers can easily design your sports lapel pin. All they need is your logo, colors, size or dimensions of your ideal pin or what type of fabric your pin will go on. Will it be worn on a jersey, a sweater, thin shirt, hat, etc.? Knowing this information of where the pin will be worn may help us to recommend which type of pin backing to recommend. If you are unsure of the size of pin you need our designers can make sizing recommendations based on what information you want featured on the pin.

At PinMaxx our process is simple. Customers tell us how many sports trading pins they want to order, their team logo which can be emailed to us, the preferred colors and any other information such as the year or location if it’s a tournament pin. Our designers will create a proof of the sports trading pin and all the customer has to do is approve it or let us know edits. Our designers will make the edits then we can go to the next step which is the actual creation of the sports pin. Once the pin is completed, we ship the pins to the customer.
It’s that easy!

What type of pins make the best sports trading pins?

We design a variety of sports lapel pins and each one is unique. Some pins are a soft enamel pin which is both cost effective, durable, has a metal look to it and offers a three dimensional appearance.

If you are going for more of a jewelry like look, something that is a little more fancy you may want to consider a Cloisonné sports lapel pin. These types of pins are made from a higher quality material and are often referred to as a hard enamel lapel pin. Once finished this type of sports pin has a smooth and shiny look and feel to it. This type of pin could be considered for a tournament, senior games (like the pro bowl but for the seniors graduating college) or tradition games such as bowl games like the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and the New Year’s Day Bowl games.

The Offset Printed lapel pin is an exceptional choice for a sports lapel pin. This type of pin offers the opportunity to capture lots of detail in a small space. You can also capture fine text, and unlimited colors. An Offset Printed sports lapel pin gives designers maximum flexibility without distorting the artwork. What customers like about this type of pin is that they can send us a an actual image or photo and we can copy it on to a sports trading pin. This photographic lapel pin for sports has been widely popular for teams.

Ready to start your order?

Send us your design or let us design your sports trading pin. Request your quote now and let our designers create the most affordable trading pin for your sports team or tournament!

Want to talk with us further?

No problem! Contact us at 407-702-7555 we are happy to help.

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Scott, you are amazing! The pins arrived on Monday, my brother was able to pick up and arrive with the package. Thank you & your team!

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Thank you so much! This has been such an easy process. Scott, you have been extremely helpful and fast through this project. Thanks again!

Travis Boyett (DMH)

Thank you for all your help. I’m already recommending you to everyone I know!


Hi Scott — just wanted you to know that I really LOVE the pins! They are even better than I had imagined them to look. Thank you so much!

Anita McCullough, Director

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