Posted Jan 3, 2023

How Can a Lapel Pin Get The Conversation Started?

Did you ever think a lapel pin could get a conversation started? YES! It can!

For some people walking into a room where you know nobody can be one of the most intimidating experiences, while others who may be more extroverted thrive in those types of environments. For the population who would rather have a root canal done as opposed to walking into a room where they know nobody, a lapel pin may be their winning solution!

The first step in using a lapel pin to kick start a conversation is to choose the right pin for the occasion. Whether you are interviewing for a job, attending a networking event or wedding or traveling for work, a lapel pin can help break the ice!

To start, let’s discuss how a lapel pin can help begin a conversation on a job interview.woman interviewing a man

Let’s be honest, a job interview is not only a test to see if you can show up on time, dress professionally and have a conversation, it’s also an opportunity to see if your personality can mesh well with the hiring manager. Wearing a lapel pin gives more insight about you to the interviewer. If you do a little research on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media channels and learn more about your interviewer you may choose a lapel pin that could suit a conversation.

For example, if your interviewer has a common favorite sports team you may choose to wear that team’s pin. If there is a mutual cause that you both support, the cause related pin may make the cut on the interview day. If you find the interviewer has a common favorite vacation destination or is from a city you enjoy touring, you may elect to wear the pin that represents that destination or city. A little research and pre-planning can help you choose the right lapel pin to break the ice in the interview and get the conversation started. Don’t forget one other very important type of pin, award/recognition pins!

If you have achieved any milestones in your career, top seller, top producer, etc., this type of lapel pin is a must when interviewing for a job! Talk about a conversation starter, absolutely! During the interview is your time to brag about your accomplishments, let your lapel pin get that conversation started! Remember, your choice of lapel pin may help you get your dream job!

How about at a networking event? How can a lapel pin trigger a conversation?

Yes, absolutely! Just like the job interview preparation, you may want to visit the website of the organization hosting the networking event. Read the event description, get a sense of the sponsors and others who may be in attendance. If it’s a ribbon cutting or open house, will there be government officials in attendance? Will the president of the organization be in attendance? Will there be others from trade industries present? If there are key people you want to meet who you think will be in attendance based on the event description and sponsors, visit their social media, and see what their interests and hobbies are, or causes they support. Now match the pin(s)!

Should I wear more than one lapel pin?three flag pins on one lapel

Yes! If you feel that multiple pins would be advantageous, then go for it! Wearing more than one lapel pin may open the door for multiple conversations with the same person. Be sure to place all of your pins on the left side of your jacket. Not sure how to wear a lapel pin? Click here to learn more.

Trouble meeting people at work? Maybe you’re a new hire and you want to strike up conversation with your co-workers?

When you are a new employee people notice you. Maybe you are not a new employee, but you have been promoted or moved to a new department. Whatever the case may be, if you are looking to engage more with people you work with, your choice of lapel pin(s) may rescue you. As a new employee your co-workers will notice your style from clothing to hair to shoes to handbags and even what type of vehicle you drive. Your style says a lot about you and so does your choice of lapel pin. With the help of social media, you can easily learn more about your co-workers and managers and what their hobbies and interests are outside of work. If you find similarities, you can express it with a custom lapel pin. It could be a sports pin, cause related pin, destination pin or others. Let your lapel pin help you to build a better relationship with your co-workers!

How about the dating scene? Can a lapel pin help me to meet the man or woman of my dreams?

YES!!! If you are a skier or out-door enthusiast wear a pin that features the destinations or activities you enjoy. If you are a sports fan, proudly wear your team! If it’s a cause you are passionate about, share your awareness and you may find your soulmate has the same passion!

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, a lapel pin can be a great way to break the ice and get conversation started in any situation, even in an elevator! Don’t have a lapel pin? It’s time to start building up your collection. If you are patriotic, read our article about American Flag lapel pin etiquette. Are flowers your thing? You can easily strike up a conversation when you wear a snazzy flower lapel pin, click here to read our article about when to wear a flower lapel pin.

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