Posted Jan 5, 2023

Flag Lapel Pin Etiquette

What is the Proper Way to Wear an American Flag Lapel Pin?

When wearing the American Flag as a lapel pin it is customary to wear the pin on the left side of your body and over or near your heart. It should never be worn upside down, backwards or sideways. If you are wearing more than one lapel pin it is customary to never cover the American Flag pin with other pins and you want to place the American Flag pin above the other pins and never below.

flag lapel pin on a suit
What Size Should the American Flag Pin Be?

According to the United States Flag Code there is no specific rule or law for the size of an American Flag lapel pin. It is most common to wear this type of pin at approximately 1 or 1.25 inches in size.

Military personnel, police, firefighters and others can wear the American Flag lapel pin as part of their official uniform. There are many rules of flag etiquette because a country’s flag is seen as the most sacred. The United States flag codes only apply to the American Flag. Our designers have created wavy flags which we make it look like the flag is waving in the wind as opposed to designing a flat looking flag that almost looks like a patch.

Other types of flag pins our customers have ordered are friendship flags. This is a type of flag pin that crosses a host country with another country. This type of pin is very popular for groups traveling to other countries, for example a U.S. group of people traveling to Germany. We can make one pin with both the American flag and the German flag. The design can include the flags looking like they are on flag poles.

If you plan to wear flag lapel pins from other countries it is important to know the codes and regulations unique to each country’s flag. It is important to remember these guidelines when designing your American Flag lapel pin. If you design a flag pin for your staff or another group of people, there is no way you can control how they wear them. What you can control is creating a quality pin that has a genuine appearance and follows the guidelines published by the United States Flag Code.

Many people who are patriotic enjoy wearing American Flag lapel pins, ties, cufflinks, earrings, hair bows, socks and much more. When it comes to the type of pin used for an American Flag lapel pin, we offer a variety of options. If you are looking for more a jewelry like look, you may consider a Cloisonné type of lapel pin. This type of pin offers the ability to have an array of contrasting or separate colors along with a smooth finish.

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider a soft enamel American Flag lapel pin. This type of pin has a raised metal edge with a three-dimensional appearance. With a soft enamel pin you can also have an antique plating option to give more of an aged, or worn look. Do you prefer a metal American Flag lapel pin? A die struck lapel pin would be a great option as this type of pin has a classy look and is extremely eye catching! When you are on a budget a die struck lapel pin offers a good cost savings.

If you wish to design an American Flag pin that offers more of a photographic look to it you may want to consider an offset printed lapel pin. This type of pin captures detail in a small space and can be made from high resolution digital artwork. When designing an American Flag lapel pin there are many options for the type of pin used along with a variety of pin backings.

Click here to learn more about lapel pin backings. American Flag lapel pins are a great way to show your patriotism as well as accessorize your fashion! Call PinMaxx today for a custom quote, 407-702-7555 or contact us online.

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