Posted Jan 3, 2023

Flower Lapel Pin

When To Wear a Flower Lapel Pin?

Wearing flowers is not just for a special occasion like a prom or wedding. If you love flowers, you can wear them anytime you want! Flowers are not just for women; men can wear them too. Lapel flower pins can be used to accessorize any outfit. Whether you want to liven up an outfit for work, or use them as a date night accessory, there are no boundaries! The only time you wouldn’t wear a floral lapel pin would be in the case of a dress code situation where they are prohibited. For example, wearing a flower lapel pin on a work uniform, military uniform, police, fire or EMT uniform may not be permitted. In some work environments they may find lapel flower pins to be too flamboyant. In the case of a funeral, you may go for more of a somber dress code and leave the flower lapel pins at home.

How Should I Wear My Flower Lapel Pin?

Wearing a floral lapel pin is very easy. Most jackets and blazers have a buttonhole specifically designed for a flower lapel pin. Typically, you would wear your lapel flower pin to the left side of your jacket. The romantics of the world believe that the flower is meant to be closest to the wearer’s heart. This tradition dates to the 1800’s when men started to wear flower lapel pins thanks to Prince Albert. During his wedding photoshoot with Queen Victoria, he wore a small flower in the lapel of his jacket. This started a trend of men wearing flowers in their jackets on dates, work related functions and formal occasions. Should a man wear a flower lapel pin and a pocket square at the same time? Sure! There are no hard rules that say wearing both at the same time is a Faux pas.

Women have many options when it comes to wearing a flower lapel pin. They too can place their pins in the buttonhole on the left side of their jacket. Women can also proudly display their floral pin on a scarf, hat, sweater, blouse or shirt. Some women wear their flower lapel pin on the collar of their blouse and treat it like wearing a brooch.

What Color Should My Flower Lapel Pin Be?

Choosing floral lapel pin colors is really a personal preference. If you are looking to compliment your current wardrobe with suit flower pins, you may want to go with more neutral colors, so your pin blends well with your garment colors. If you wear more darks, then opting for darker flowered pins may be more your preference. However, if you want to add some flare to your darks you may opt for more vibrant pin colors that will stand out better. You could also add some flower printed pins to the mix if you want to really add some flare to your appearance!

Do You Wear Other Accessories?

Earrings, necklace, cufflinks, bracelet(s), bow tie, and a watch can all be meshed well with your flower lapel pin accessory. You may want to consider the colors of your other accessories and try to complement those colors when adding a flower pin to the mix.

If you are going for a jewelry-like look with your flower lapel pin you may want to consider purchasing a Cloisonné flower pin. A Cloisonné pin looks and feels smooth and shiny and can include a wide array of colors. While the Cloisonné pin may be the best option when using a flower lapel pin to accessorize, others have opted for a Soft Enamel or Die Struck type of pin. A Soft Enamel pin offers a three-dimensional appearance, is cost effective and durable compared to a Die Struck pin which is also affordable but is a metal lapel pin without painted colors. If you have a design that does not require colored enamels or printed images a Die Struck type of pin could be a good option.

Flower lapel pins make great accessories for any occasion. Men and women alike find great pleasure in complementing their wardrobe and adding lapel flower pins into their style. Looking for a unique gift to recognize your employees or celebrate a monumental event? Consider ordering flower lapel pins! Our designers can help you craft a beautiful pin that can both recognize your star performers and allow them to accessorize their wardrobe!

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