Posted Jan 7, 2023

How Do I Wear A Lapel Pin?

Where Should a Lapel Pin Be Worn?

The answer to this question varies depending on the garment the lapel pin is being pinned to and who is wearing the lapel pin.

flag lapel pin on a suit

For Men

For men wearing a suit, traditionally a lapel pin is pinned to the left lapel of the suit jacket just below the collar. For suit jackets that have a lapel button-hole, the lapel pin would be placed over the button hole to cover the opening. In the case of a pocket square in the breast pocket on a suit jacket, some men place the lapel pin above the top of the pocket square so that the pin can be very visible. In the event there is no jacket but only a shirt and tie, a lapel pin can be worn on the tie.

Usually the pin is placed towards the middle of the tie, if a man is wearing neither a jacket or a tie, a lapel pin can be pinned to their dress shirt. Typically the pin would be positioned on the left side of the shirt near the heart where the lapel pin would normally go if the man was wearing a jacket.

woman wearing a lapel pin for healthcare

For Women

Lapel pins are widely worn by women in business not only to celebrate a cause or membership or show how they have been recognized, but women also wear lapel pins to accessorize. When a woman wears a lapel pin, they typically wear it on the left side of their clothing at roughly the height of a breast pocket. In the instance where there is more than one lapel pin being worn, the pins are worn in a line down the left side. Many of the lapel pins worn by women may look like jewelry which is typically a Cloisonné lapel pin (link to Cloisonné lapel pin page). This type of pin is made of a hard enamel and made of the highest quality materials to give a jewelry-like finish.

Can You Wear a Lapel Pin On Your Hat?

Of course! We have many customers who wear their lapel pins on their hats! From baseball caps to cowboy hats to beanies, lapel pins are a great way to “bedazzle” your hat!

In the case of a baseball cap, a lapel pin is typically worn on the front of the cap to either the left or right side of the front panel on the hat. If you have multiple pins, you could stack them in a row from top to bottom on the hat.

Cowboy hat pins are a great way to accessorize! Lapel pins are usually worn along the band on either the right side or left side of the cowboy hat. There are many options when accessorizing a cowboy hat with lapel pins. Some people wear their lapel pin in the “pinch” of the cowboy hat (the upper side of the hat), while others secure their lapel pins to the top of the crown of their cowboy hat, on the back or the front of the hat. We have seen some people place their lapel pins all the way around the band of their hat, to the point that it looks like another hat band! Depending on the backing used for the lapel pin, the placement of the pin on a cowboy hat may vary.

Beanie hats lend itself to wearing lapel pins. This type of hat is typically made of cloth, felt, wool, and other materials. Beanie hat lovers usually “glam up” their hats with all kinds of lapel pins such as pins from their favorite ski destination, to their favorite brand of automobiles, to their favorite city or favorite brand or slogan they live by.

Over the years lapel pins have grown in popularity as a way to accessorize men’s and women’s fashion. We see more and more people wearing custom lapel pins in a variety of fashion styles.

Considering a custom lapel pin for your organization or upcoming event? Let our team of talented designers help you craft your next pin! We offer a variety of pin types from Soft Enamel, Cloisonné, Die Struck, Offset Printed and Trading Pins.

Contact us today and let us help you with your next lapel pin design! Call our Oviedo, Florida office at 407-702-7555 or contact us online.

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