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Years of Service

Do you struggle with how to honor your long-time employees? Maybe you want to recognize those who have been with your company 5 years or longer? Or 10 years or longer? Maybe you want to recognize a special someone who is retiring or celebrating a milestone work anniversary?

Employee tenure is extremely important for any organization. It’s rare to find an employee who has been with a company for a decade or longer or even one who has been with the company since its inception.

Give your employees a keepsake and customize a service pin to thank them for their years of hard work and dedication. A service pin is better than a bouquet of flowers, a card or a round of “high fives” in the office. The honored employee can wear the service pin on their lapel, sweater, blouse or even wear it as a hat pin.

At PinMaxx we custom design service pins. Customers have many options to choose from. If you are unsure on what to include on your year of service pin our team of talented designers can assist you. To make your pin recipient feel even more special we can place their years of service or award pin in either an acrylic presentation case or a jewelry box. Either of these options will certainly take your award presentation to the next level!

Years of service pins are a meaningful gesture to show thanks and appreciation to those employees who have dedicated years of service to their organization. This type of award pin does not have to be expensive. We can help you create a keepsake pin on a budget while not skimping on aesthetics.

In addition to awarding employees for milestones in their careers, we have helped other clients create years of service pins for volunteers. Don’t forget those who volunteer their time in helping to make your organization run smoother. Whether it’s a school volunteer, a cause related volunteer or a volunteer in public service, these people play a critical role.

When you order your years of service pin or award pin you have the option of engraving the time spent at your company and other details such as company name and year. We can also customize the shape of your pin. We offer ribbon shaped, round, rectangle and other custom shapes. For the pin backing we offer butterfly pin clutches. These are easy to use spring loaded fasteners to hold your award pin firm and securely with a protective grip. When installing the pin on a garment the butterfly clutch backing is simply pushed on to the pin and when removing the pin you “pinch” the tabs on the butterfly clutch backing to remove.

Ready to order your years of service pin or award pins? Call PinMaxx today at 407-702-7555 or request a quote on our website.

Curious to learn more about our other pin types? We offer soft enamel, cloisonné, trading pins and offset printed lapel pins.

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