Posted Feb 3, 2023

Private Security Lapel Pins

Take your security company appearance to the next level with quality security lapel pins. PinMaxx custom designs lapel pins for private security companies. We help make your employees look professional AND official. Does your security company contract with homeowner’s associations, government agencies, private companies or individuals to provide safety and security? Rely on PinMaxx for affordable lapel pins.

Our pins can be worn on jackets, hats, shirts, ties and even badges. We use a variety of pin backings, sometimes called fasteners or clutches, to keep pins secure especially in the event of physical activity, the pins will stay secure. The most common pin backing is the butterfly clutch, however, we also carry the rubber clutch, safety pin clasp, deluxe locking, locking jewelry and magnetic backs. In the safety and security industry we typically receive orders for pins with the butterfly clutch. This type of pin backing uses two metal prongs that when squeezed together the pin can be fastened or released. A butterfly clutch is strong enough to secure a pin to a jacket, hat or tie but discreet enough that it can’t be seen when worn. Click here to learn more about our variety of lapel pin backings.

Over the years our team of talented designers have custom designed security lapel pins for the following roles:
• Security guards
• Private investigators
• Secret Service agents
• Security enforcement agents
• Security resource officers
• Private security companies
• Protection service companies
• Security deputy
• Private security officers
• Security enforcement officers
• Personal protection official
• Government security guards
• Security escort

Have other needs for a security lapel pin that we didn’t list? No problem! Give us a call at 407-702-7555, we would be happy to custom design a lapel pin for you.

Why Are Security Lapel Pins Important?security lapel pin

Depending on the nature of the job, wearing a lapel pin in a security role adds a sense of seriousness to the position. Whether you are working the front door at a court house, working the guard gate for a neighborhood, escorting a high profile individual or offering protection services over night for a company, wearing a security lapel pin gives the sense that you are an official representative and you are there to make people obey the rules otherwise consequences will be enforced.

Most of our clients ordering security lapel pins opt for our Die Struck type of pin primarily due to its low cost and metal appearance. These pins are made of brass, copper or iron metals and are stamped with a mold or dye. There are no colors or printed designs on this type of pin. Its mixture of raised smooth areas and recessed textured backgrounds make for a unique look that when worn can give the appearance of an official security expert. Curious to learn more about our Die Struck lapel pin? Click here to learn more. Not sure our Die Struck lapel pin is the right fit for your needs? We also offer Soft Enamel pins, Cloisonné pins and Offset Printed lapel pins.

Our designers are skilled at making custom lapel pins for security experts in varying shapes and sizes. Do you have a design in mind? Contact us today and we will get started! No design in mind? No worries, our designers will create a custom look just for you.

We look forward to helping you with creating the best security lapel pin!

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Scott, you are amazing! The pins arrived on Monday, my brother was able to pick up and arrive with the package. Thank you & your team!

Ebony Thomas


Thank you so much! This has been such an easy process. Scott, you have been extremely helpful and fast through this project. Thanks again!

Travis Boyett (DMH)

Thank you for all your help. I’m already recommending you to everyone I know!


Hi Scott — just wanted you to know that I really LOVE the pins! They are even better than I had imagined them to look. Thank you so much!

Anita McCullough, Director

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