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Lapel Pins are an Exceptional Way to Honor the Extraordinary Men and Women of Law Enforcement

Lapel Pins Have Been a Part of the Law Enforcement Culture for a Long Time.
The use of police lapel pins in law enforcement can be traced back to the first known use by the New York City Police Department in 1905. All officers were issued a brass pin that was worn on their lapel or collar with their badge number and the words “Police Department, New York City”. It stood for courage, commitment and being part of something bigger than them. Such a small pin and yet meant so much to so many.

As time went on, it became clear that lapel pins could be used in many other ways. The trend began to spread and agencies, outside of the police, adopted the use of custom lapel pins and today they are widely used throughout government enforcement agencies in a myriad of ways. Today, the lapel pin is seen almost everywhere.

A Significant Symbol of Courage and Commitment

Lapel pins have been, since their inception, an important symbol of an officer’s identity and service. That still remains today. Government enforcement agencies are utilizing this time honored symbol to:

• Display the rank of an officer
• Honor those who have lost their lives in the line of duty
• Feature a national or state flag.
• Acknowledge officers who have completed specialized training
• Recognize exceptional service
And much more 

Not only are lapel pins versatile in their uses, they are completely customizable and can fit any budget. For example Die Struck lapel pins are made from brass, copper and iron metal. They look great and are very affordable. It’s easy! Start your design here

If a more jewelry-like finish is desired then you might prefer our Cloisonné lapel pins which are made from the highest quality materials. It is polished and baked at extremely high temperatures during the production process giving it its smooth and shiny feel.

law enforcement lapel pin

All Agencies Can Do It

Whether it’s local law enforcement, County Sheriff, or State and Federal agencies such as the FBI, the Florida Office of Agricultural Law Enforce and so many others, all agencies can utilize lapel pins. Any government enforcement agency can utilize this method of recognition to acknowledge their staff, enlisted personnel and families for their service and sacrifice as well as commemorate special events or achievements in their department. Some agencies use lapel pins with messages of unity and solidarity. Officers who participate in community outreach programs with the intention of building relationships with minority communities wear these pins proudly.

And, regrettably, although the most important of all, some agencies find themselves issuing lapel pins to family members of officers who have died in the line of duty as a way of honoring their service and sacrifice.

Humbly, PinMaxx would be honored to help law enforcement acknowledge the service and sacrifice of its members by expertly designing a custom lapel pin for your organization. Simply contact PinMaxx and speak to one of their team members. 

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