Posted Feb 22, 2023

Lapel Pins Are a Tasty Treat for Restaurants

Lapel Pins For Restaurants

Eating out is one of America’s great pastimes. However, prior to the 1950’s, restaurants mostly catered to adults only. There wasn’t a “family-friendly” restaurant concept. That changed because, among other things, the rise of the nuclear family and the massive effort to build a highway system in America made fast food restaurants popular in the 1950’s. Family-friendly restaurants (that weren’t fast food) gained their popularity in the 1960’s and by the 1990’s the industry had grown to provide families with the option of dining out at an affordable restaurant with selections for the adults and their children.

Fast forward to today, the choices for adult fine dining, family friendly or fast food are almost endless. Because of the immense competition, owners/operators of these restaurants find themselves looking for opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitor. In this post-COVID era where inflation has seen dramatic cost increases and fierce competition in finding and retaining workers, a restaurant needs to do everything it can to “break away from the pack”.

One of the best marketing tools making a massive impression these days are custom lapel pins. They are versatile, cost-effective and innovative. Restaurants that have chosen custom lapel pins to promote their brand, increase customer loyalty and reward/recognize their employees are glad they did.

Here’s What Some Restauranteurs Are Doing:

Promote the Brand:restaurant pin

As restaurant owners/operators know, this can be done in many ways. One of the easiest ways to promote a new menu item, social cause, or a customer service initiative, is to simply call or go to and create a custom pin with logo, slogan, or menu item. These pins can be worn by all employees and is an innovative and effective way of promoting the restaurant’s initiatives.

Some restaurants have decided to develop a revenue stream by selling a branding pin with restaurant logo to customers. Selling the brand to patrons who like the restaurant and will wear the brand! Now that’s a win-win.

Increase Customer Loyalty:

It’s always nice to get something unexpected. A family that frequents a restaurant on a regular basis would surely appreciate a small gesture of acknowledgement for their patronage. By giving them a special lapel pin, the restaurant will have succeeded in providing them with an unexpected, tangible reminder that their frequent visits are appreciated. That can go a long way in building a long-lasting relationship.

Recognize and Reward Employees:

Acknowledging the restaurant team is a top priority. Regrettably, this is sometimes overlooked or delayed because of cost. Thankfully, there is a low-cost, high value solution: custom lapel pins to recognize and reward employees for their hard work and dedication. Areas of recognition could be for completing a service project, reaching a sales goal, or demonstrating exceptional customer service. Employees will appreciate the recognition and will be proud to display the pin as a symbol of their commitment to the restaurant.

Embrace Diversity:

Custom lapel pins can be made into whatever the owner/operator wants. Offering each employee an opportunity to add a touch of their personality to their pin would be an exciting team building exercise and sense of pride for each staffer.

Remember, you don’t have to own or operate a restaurant to get a lapel pin!

PinMaxx has years of experience custom designing soft enamel lapel pins, cloisonne lapel pins, sports trading pins, little league baseball trading pins, die struck lapel pins, offset printed lapel pins, employee years of service pins, work anniversary pins and much more for countless numbers of businesses, organizations, non-profits and others.
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