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Looking for lapel pins that look higher in quality and almost have a “jewelry-like” appearance?

Check out our Cloisonné lapel pins. These types of pins are often referred to as a “hard enamel lapel pin” and are made of the highest quality materials. Customers looking for a lapel pin with a jewelry-like finish turn to the Cloisonné lapel pin. This type of pin is made differently in that it goes through polishing and is baked at extremely high temperatures during the production process. Once finished a Cloisonné lapel pin looks and feels smooth and shiny.

What gives a Cloisonné lapel pin a smooth and shiny look?

During the production process a Cloisonné pin’s painted areas are filled flush to the metal edges of the pin.

What is the difference between a Cloisonné lapel pin and one made from soft enamel?

Cloisonné pins have a smooth finish compared to a soft enamel pin which has raised and recessed areas on the surface of the pin.

When is a Cloisonné lapel pin an optimal choice?

When your pin design requires contrasting or separate colors we highly recommend choosing a Cloisonné pin. This type of pin is widely used in times of recognition or reward. Many of our corporate clients order Cloisonné lapel pins to recognize employee retirement, anniversaries or career milestones.

A Cloisonné pin is a high quality pin that captures finer details. If you have an intricate design or an involved logo, a Cloisonné lapel pin is typically the optimal choice.

Are you familiar with Die Struck lapel pins

In manufacturing the Cloisonné pin they actually start out as a die struck pin. What separates the two is that the die struck pins do not have any color compared to the Cloisonné that features an array of color.

Cloisonné pins are perfect when you want to “dress to impress”! These types of pins are an excellent choice for formal affairs, celebrations, and corporate events. Their rich colors, smooth texture and jewelry like finish give an upscale look and an increased perceived value.

For more information on how a Cloisonné lapel pin can help you with your initiative call PinMaxx at 407-702-7555.

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Cloisonné Pin Pricing

Size 100 200 300 500 750 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000 10,000
0.75″ $2.67 $2.12 $1.56 $1.29 $1.20 $1.13 $1.05 $0.95 $0.80 $0.71
1″ $2.70 $2.18 $1.66 $1.37 $1.24 $1.20 $1.15 $1.01 $0.91 $0.81
1.25″ $2.81 $2.27 $1.75 $1.44 $1.31 $1.24 $1.20 $1.05 $0.95 $0.91
1.5″ $3.06 $2.53 $2.01 $1.53 $1.44 $1.39 $1.32 $1.14 $0.99 $0.95
1.75″ $3.31 $2.74 $2.34 $1.84 $1.74 $1.66 $1.59 $1.38 $1.24 $1.20
2″ $3.58 $3.08 $2.59 $2.09 $1.99 $1.91 $1.85 $1.64 $1.49 $1.45

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