Posted Feb 1, 2023

Firefighter Lapel Pins

What Types of Pins Can PinMaxx Design For Fire Departments?

Ready to try a new design for your fire department’s lapel pins? At PinMaxx our designers can custom design Soft Enamel, Cloisonné, Die Struck and Offset Printed lapel pins for fire fighters and public safety organizations. Our pins can be worn on shirt collars, ties, jackets, hats and shirts.

New Jersey fire department lapel pin
We can make just about any type of lapel pin you can dream of, including:

  • Years of service
  • Career milestone
  • Awards
  • Achievements
  • American flag
  • Fire Rescue Shield
  • Fire Ax pins
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Firefighter Maltese Cross pins
  • Crossed flag pins
  • Vintage fire pins
  • Fire Service pins
  • Trophy pins
  • Ladder lapel pins
  • Challenge Coins
  • Commemorative lapel pins
  • Fire truck pins
  • Maltese Cross pins

first responder lapel pin celebrating 5 years of serviceWhether you are looking for a pin that looks like a piece of jewelry or more of a metallic looking pin, our designers at PinMaxx have you covered! Our process is very easy. If you have a design in mind we ask that you share it with us. Our designers will create a digital sample of your design, we e-mail it over to you, and you send us your revisions. In the case where you don’t have a design in mind, let us know what type of pin you are looking to have designed, e-mail us the logo(s), give us the color scheme you desire and our designers will take care of the rest. They will put together a digital sample and e-mail it to you for revisions. It’s that easy!

One element you will want to consider when working with our designers is the type of pin you need. Each type gives a different look and feel. Looking for something that is not too expensive and can offer color? Our Soft Enamel pin would be a great choice. If you prefer a pin that has the look of a piece of jewelry then our Cloisonné pin would be your better option. If you have high resolution artwork with tiny details that need to be incorporated into your pin, then we recommend considering our Offset Printed lapel pin. With this pin our designers can capture fine details and there is no limit to the colors used. Our other option to choose from is our Die Struck lapel pin. We receive a lot of orders from police agencies and security companies for this type of lapel pin primarily because a Die Struck lapel pin is made of brass, copper or iron metal. With this type of pin our designers have the ability to stamp it with a mold, which gives the pin a unique look as it has a mixture of raised smooth areas and recessed texture backgrounds.

Ready to talk with our design team and discuss your fire department lapel pin? Contact us today at 407-702-7555 or fill out our request a quote online form and let our talented team create your next unique pin!

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Customer Reviews


Scott, you are amazing! The pins arrived on Monday, my brother was able to pick up and arrive with the package. Thank you & your team!

Ebony Thomas


Thank you so much! This has been such an easy process. Scott, you have been extremely helpful and fast through this project. Thanks again!

Travis Boyett (DMH)

Thank you for all your help. I’m already recommending you to everyone I know!


Hi Scott — just wanted you to know that I really LOVE the pins! They are even better than I had imagined them to look. Thank you so much!

Anita McCullough, Director

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