Month: January 2023

lapel pin collage

How To Wear Multiple Lapel Pins?

Do You Have More Than One Lapel Pin That You Like To Wear At The Same Time? That’s no problem. It’s very acceptable to wear a decorative lapel pin such as a flower pin, while at the same time wearing a patriotic lapel pin and a promotional pin. If you are out and about networking […]

girls softball trading pin

Little League Softball Trading Pins

Looking for Little League Softball Trading Pins In A Hurry? PinMaxx is your source of affordable pins for softball. Do you need 200 or more custom trading pins for your softball tournament? Our designers are top of the line when it comes to designing unique, colorful Little League Softball trading pins. Both youth and adult […]

high school sports trading pin

Sports Trading Pins

Looking for Sports Trading Pins? PinMaxx is your source! Our team of talented designers can create memorable trading pins for all sports including baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, softball, and any other sport you have an interest in! Collectable sports trading pins are very popular particularly with youth organizations. We help sports teams across the globe […]

Little league baseball sports trading pin

Little League Baseball Sports Trading Pins

Affordable Little League Baseball Pins for Sale! Yes, we make the best sports trading pins for little league baseball. At PinMaxx our designers are extremely experienced in creating unique pin designs for baseball teams. Do you have a custom design? Great, we have worked with many teams throughout the years that have specific colors, and […]

Is Baseball Pin Trading a Hobby?

Yes! Baseball pin trading is alive and well. From Little League Baseball teams to Little League Softball teams and every sport in between, both kids and adults enjoy pin trading. Why do people trade baseball pins? Believe it or not there are a lot of memories tied to a baseball pin. For some it could […]

butterfly clutch backing on ribbon pin

Customized Lapel Pin Backings

Custom Backings for Your Lapel Pins At PinMaxx, we custom design a variety of lapel pins and offer several options for lapel pin backings. These backings can sometimes be called fasteners or clutches as well as attachments. The most common types of pin backs in the marketplace and the ones that we offer include rubber […]

woman wearing a lapel pin for healthcare

How Do I Wear A Lapel Pin?

Where Should a Lapel Pin Be Worn? The answer to this question varies depending on the garment the lapel pin is being pinned to and who is wearing the lapel pin. For Men For men wearing a suit, traditionally a lapel pin is pinned to the left lapel of the suit jacket just below the […]

flag lapel pin on a suit

Flag Lapel Pin Etiquette

What is the Proper Way to Wear an American Flag Lapel Pin? When wearing the American Flag as a lapel pin it is customary to wear the pin on the left side of your body and over or near your heart. It should never be worn upside down, backwards or sideways. If you are wearing […]

Flower Lapel Pin

When To Wear a Flower Lapel Pin? Wearing flowers is not just for a special occasion like a prom or wedding. If you love flowers, you can wear them anytime you want! Flowers are not just for women; men can wear them too. Lapel flower pins can be used to accessorize any outfit. Whether you […]

woman interviewing a man

How Can a Lapel Pin Get The Conversation Started?

Did you ever think a lapel pin could get a conversation started? YES! It can! For some people walking into a room where you know nobody can be one of the most intimidating experiences, while others who may be more extroverted thrive in those types of environments. For the population who would rather have a […]

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