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Yes! Baseball pin trading is alive and well.

From Little League Baseball teams to Little League Softball teams and every sport in between, both kids and adults enjoy pin trading.

Why do people trade baseball pins?

Believe it or not there are a lot of memories tied to a baseball pin. For some it could be the memories of their trip to Cooperstown, for others it could be the memories of the home run they scored for a particular team and for parents, they have fond memories of their kids playing for a particular team or in a particular tournament or series. Some baseball sports pins may have the memory of meeting players on a particular team or memories of a special vacation where they watched a game or two.

Some baseball sports pins may not carry specific memories but are either nice to look at, have an exquisite design or color scheme or have a significant value tied to it. When a baseball trading pin falls into this “non-memorabilia” category it may be easier to part with in the world of pin trading.

baseball trading pin with 2 bats
baseball ball park trading pin

How much can you make from selling a baseball trading pin?

Depending on the type and age of the pin it could have a higher value.  For example, enamel pins can cost on the range of $8.00 – $12.00 per pin, but depending on the age of the pin it could sell for much more if it’s considered a collector’s pin.  

A Cloisonné baseball pin could be valued higher than an enamel pin simply because a Cloisonné lapel pin looks more like a piece of jewelry.  The design is multi-colored and the finish is smooth and shiny.

How can you be a good pin trader?

There are some best practices to follow when it comes to trading pins including:
1)Trading a pin that you know is a fake without informing your trading partner.
2) Trading with someone you think might be a questionable trader.
3) Presenting pins that you do not intend to trade.
4) Presenting damaged or broken pins.
5) Interrupting a trade in progress, being aggressive, or being rude.
6) Showing your enthusiasm; if you really want a pin, you might be disadvantaged

These are some simple rules to follow so you can continue to enjoy the past time of pin trading.

Can trading baseball pins help your team?

Absolutely! Around 25 million kids play baseball every year. Youth baseball players enjoy collecting lapel pins particularly when the sports pin has graphics of their team, their jersey or uniform number or their team name. Many of the kids wear their sports pins on their hats or the straps of their baseball bags. As players go from game to game they enjoy trading pins with other teams, it’s a great keepsake for them to remember the teams they played throughout their baseball career.

Having a baseball pin for a team gives the players a sense of unity and shows off the team’s personality especially when it comes to Little League Baseball. Creating a single team baseball sports trading pin builds team spirit and pride. A team having the same type of pin gives the message that all players are equal and therefore boosts team morale.

How do baseball trading pins build community?

When a Little League Baseball team or any team in general has a designated team pin, not only do the kids wear it but the parents wear it as well. Just like wearing the team shirt or hat or sitting in a team lawn chair, a baseball team lapel pin also gives that same sense of belonging beyond that of being on the team. Parents, family members and community can continue to support their favorite Little League team as they proudly wear their team’s lapel pin outside of the game.
Do you have a special Little League Baseball player in your home or family? Talk with the coach and get in touch with PinMaxx! We can be your source for the best Little League Baseball sports pin for your team!

Contact us today online or give us a call at 407-702-7555 and let’s talk about your next custom baseball pin design!

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